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“Chuck Norris invented death, just to make life more exciting.”

Mike was quick with a smile and a joke, and eagerly spread “dad jokes” and Chuck Norris “facts” to all he knew.

Michael Ralph Lord was born September 20, 1958, in Sandy Utah. Survived by his sweetheart Debbie Lord, and spoiled children Kaleb (Laura), Kandie (Steve) Carpenter, Corey (Rachel), Kellie (Mike) Heaton, Casey (Emily), Kylie (Michael) Best. And 28 grandchildren who adored their “Papa”. 

After a long battle with cancer, he departed this life surrounded by family at his home in Orem, Utah. 

Mike loved and depended on his wonderful wife Debbie who loved and depended on him in return.  They were a match made in heaven and showed us what it takes to enjoy a magnificent marriage!  He always sacrificed for his family (something he would remind us of whenever divvying out the last serving of dessert to his kids).

He had an incredible ability to imagine and tell stories, even while away he made sure to tell his young kids stories via audio cassettes sent in the mail. He was witty and creative and could always lighten a mood or make work seem fun by adding a humorous spin. 

His enthusiasm was contagious. When he chose a worthy pursuit, he put his whole mind and heart into it and aspired to excel. Some of those pursuits include producing music, beekeeping, scuba diving, math/accounting, computers, and fitness. 

He was passionate about music and instilled that same love in his children. His home was full of both listening to and playing music.  He skillfully wove music into both work and play. 

A sense of duty led him to serve God, family, and country faithfully. Mike served as a full-time missionary in Sydney, Australia. He served his country as part of the 144th Evac Hospital during Desert Storm. He earnestly served his family and friends by fulfilling his fatherly and priesthood responsibilities.

Mike’s career ambition was to never work a day in his life by finding something he loved to do. He was a man of many talents and professions: dairy herdsman, chemical engineer, grocery store owner, business president, realtor, book publisher, rock and roll band drummer, music teacher, high school math teacher, title loans, and finished out as an accountant.

But his real work and legacy are the people he touched throughout his life. He was loved by the hundreds of young men and women he served his whole life as a teacher and in his many church callings including young mens, scout master, high council and bishoprics. As Bishop, he had the opportunity to shepherd a wonderful ward and loved those he served unconditionally. He knew the love of his Savior, Jesus Christ and strived to show that same love to those around him. 

He will be missed on this earth. The impact of his love, faith, friendship, and laughter will continue to echo in our lives. He looked forward with determination and faith to answer the next call to serve his Savior, Jesus Christ on the other side of the veil. 

17 thoughts on “Funeral Services & Obituary

  1. I received the BYU Magazine and read today in the obituary section that Mike had passed. I was shocked and saddened. I went to Hillcrest Highschool with Mike. Yes. He was a great guy and a good example even back in high school. I can’t remember him without a smile on his face. I really wish now that I had hung out more with Mike through high school. I would have been a better person back then because of it. The one memory that stands out to me – our first year in high school as sophomores. Even though we were new to the school, Mike, and Mark Sadler, and I signed up for the talent show. We played a robust version of Proud Mary with Mike on the drums. There was no social media back then, but I am sure we would have gone viral. Mike and I also sang together in a quartet for a short time. Mike was one of the happiest, most upbeat people you could ever meet in a lifetime. Heaven gained and earth lost a good man in Mike Lord. Debbie, I hope that you and your family are doing OK in spite of the pain of missing Mike. God bless you all! Chris

  2. The thing I remember about Mike was his kindness towards others. He is and was such a good guy. I am so sorry for your loss Debbie. My condolences and best wishes to you and your family.

  3. Mike was my high school math teacher. We met virtually a couple of times a week. There were 2 other students in my class and we thought it was the funniest thing to use crazy usernames (like Donald duck and Minnie mouse) and leave our video and audio off and make Brother Lord guess who was who. He always played along and humored our lame attempt at a joke. He was an excellent teacher and made math fun. He will be greatly missed. My prayers go out to his family ❤️

  4. I hardly have a memory of childhood or youth without Mike and our other brothers.
    We learned to ski together first in the hills in the field above our homes, later on the rope tow at Alta and finally by by following, from a distance, ski schools as we navigated Alta’s slopes.
    Mike was one of the most positive men I ever met. I followed him growing up and did just about everything he did (except the real crazy stuff). Luckily for me, Mike chose to do the right things and as a result, so did I. I’ve been the beneficiary of his influence throughout my life.
    Brother, you will be missed but we all look forward to seeing you again.

  5. I had the honor to serve with Mike in the 144th Evac. Since hearing of Mike’s passing, I’ve reflected on our time together in Saudi and back home, and the image that always pops into my head is his infectious smile and laugh. I recall passing the time with music trivia; he always seemed to know the name and artist of any song. Mike was an anchor to many of us while deployed. He is one of the best men I’ve ever known and he’ll be sorely missed. Debbie, thanks for sharing him with us.

  6. Mikes innate kindness and humanity must surely have reached far & wide in such a rich, dedicated life.
    I can only speak to the 3 years of high school 44 years ago; but he made that time more bearable, just by being himself.
    Our connection was YCC in 1976, but mostly Adventures Club. A leader even then, he made sure I wasn’t shunned during club activities, often pairing for canoeing and the like, when no one else would. Moreso, other people were less unkind when he was around. What a great role model he must have continued to grow and expand into!

    By simply being the thoughtful, respectful, funny and friendly boy that he was all those decades ago, he elevated my injured view of the meaness of people. No small feat, I must say. Warms my heart to hear of how many lives that he and Debbie touched through their long and fruitful love. And my heart goes out to you Debbie. To you and your family. With gratitude toward Mike and sadness for your loss, Barbara Sampson

  7. I knew Mike for a number of years as a fellow member / soldier in the 144th Evacuation Hospital based in SLC.
    I liked Mike and his upbeat and fun personality on drill weekends, but really came to know and appreciate him when our hospital deployed to Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm in 1990. It’s certainly a stretch to say that Mike made going to war fun, but he was a big part of making it bearable and could always be found with a smile on his face and a little joke or funny observation to help you through the day. The funniest Mike moment for me was when a big time General and his staff came to visit and were getting a tour of our mobile hospital from our commander. Mike and
    10-15 of us were crammed into the back of a large truck waiting to be driven somewhere unimportant (hurry up and wait) when the general and his entourage walked alongside the truck – stopped and commenced talking just outside the canvas separating us. All of a sudden Mike comically starts singing John Lennon’s “Give Peace A Chance” while motioning for all of us to join in with him.
    I wish I could have seen the look on those officers faces. If I had been the one who started singing the song I would have been in trouble, but Mike was so patient, easy going and loved by so many that the officers probably just rolled their eyes. He was the best !
    Jody Christensen

    1. I love this story, thank you so much for sharing it with us. I don’t think we heard half of what went on over there.

  8. Mike! A truly amazing human. Unfortunately I only knew him for a short time. We connected through sharing our thoughts of The Chosen and Chuck Norris jokes. He was my go to guy when I felt as if I was sinking quickly at work. Always knew the day would be a little brighter when he walked through the door. I have truly missed his presence at work the last six weeks. My deepest sympathies to you, Debbie and your whole family. May you find the strength needed to continue to push forward and may the many happy memories always stay close and dear to your hearts. I’m thankful and blessed that I had the chance to know him💕

  9. I remember when Debbie started dating Mike. Gwen told me is was looking serious. We all checked Mike out and found him everything you would want to add to our family. Through the years, he has proven that again and again. It was fun to watch him entertain at the piano and then he added singing as a bonus.
    I remember one time in Sacrament Meeting, Debbie was playing the organ and made a very noticeable mistake. When the hymn was finished, Debbie left the organ and walked out of the chapel. She never came back. As it got closer and closer to the closing hymn, Mike decided he would have to play the organ for Debbie. He opened the hymn book and practiced playing the notes on his lap. He was perfectly willing to play the closing hymn, but oh so relieved when Debbie came back in and went up to the organ. That is a good example of how he supported family members.
    Imagine my surprise when we came home from South Africa and discovered that Mike was Bishop to a couple with whom we worked in South Africa. They had everything good to say about Mike, their Bishop.
    Mike always made we feel warm and welcomed in their home. I have been blessed to have Mike in my life, and thankful the association will carry on into the eternities.

  10. I’ll always remember him as Bishop Lord. A humble man with wise counsel and an easy smile. He always made us feel welcome. Our thoughts and prayers are with Debbie and the family.

  11. I loved serving with Mike in Saudi with the 144th evac. We worked hard but played hard too and had a lot of fun together. He helped to make an unbearable situation very bearable. Thanks Mike for all that you did for us.

  12. I always loved being around Mike! He always brought happiness and fun! My first time scuba diving in Hawaii was with him. We did two amazing dives and had a blast. I will miss him and great energy he always had with him.

  13. Mike made this thing that we called “the dot” that he pulled behind his boat! It was a big round wooden table top that was painted yellow. A few of us would kneel on it and hold onto the ski rope. Once we got going we would stand up and do all kinds of tricks! He pulled and pulled us tirelessly!
    He was always up for an adventure and quick to smile and laugh! We will miss him and can’t wait until we are reunited in the eternities!

  14. When I think of Mike Lord, I see a big, bright smile walking the halls of Hillcrest High School!
    Sending my love to Debbie and family.

  15. Totally agree that Mike always out his whole heart into things. One of his Nick names growing up was ‘animal’, partly because of his strength and partly because he would go into thing head first. Snow skiing down the moguls at Brighton and solitude, being the anchor while we did the water ski pyramid’s a d spelunking in the nutty putt cave. He served his mission the same way.
    I love you brother and have always admired your adventurous spirit!! Keep it going on the other side.

  16. Mike Lord was a great man. My life is better because of him. Thank you, Debbie for sharing him with the ward as our bishop.

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